Two days to the end of 2017

It’s a lovely season to be alive, and to be thankful for the much that the Lord continues to do in and for me.

Biggest highlight for me this year was starting on my French classes, after desiring to learn the language for so long. Done with A1 and A2, and commencing with B1 early next month.

Also starting on a project I am passionate about (MaoniYangu), which I hope, and will work earnestly towards making flourish in the new year. Very excited about this one.

I am also excited about the investment decisions my wife and I made this year, and the steps we are walking towards financial fitness away from reliance on salaried income.

Biggest challenge (as in dare) that I took on is learning how to code and build a website. Again, this is one of the areas I really want to work on in the new year. These, together with mobile app development, will be critical skills in the coming years.

Biggest disappointment: that I have not been able to complete something I earnestly desired to this year. Will update once I’m done in the coming year. Also, not being able to stick to a fitness regime. I need to do better on this.

Above all else, the Lord has been good to us. Some disappointments here and there, but we march on with courage and confidence into the new year.


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